I’m always happy about support for the future development and improvements of the ARC project! The following describes some options to support the project.

Feedback, hands-on reports and media

If you have feedback of all kinds, ideas for future improvements, feature-requests or bug-reports, I would be very happy if you share them here. I currently don’t have a large-scale model railroad available for testing the parallel operation of multiple locomotives and boosters, so I’m also very thankful for test reports and feedback about that. Also if you have pictures and / or videos of your model railroad using ARC, please feel free to share them here.


If you want to support ARC development, you can also translate the GUI language files to a new language. The language files are currently part of the source code and are included as string-tables during compilation. ARC2 will presumably use separate language files on SD card.

The ARC1 language files for English and German language can be found in the Downloads section.

To create a new language file, all strings within the *.c file have to be translated while accounting for the maximum string length. If you have obtained the ARC1 source code, you can then compile the new version by yourself, otherwise please just send me the new language files, so that they can be included in the next release. Of course you will be listed in the credits section of the firmware information page on ARC1!


Also donations are very welcome! A donation link will be available shortly.